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New Demag AC 45 City for Grúas Valladolid

From left to right: Gustavo Cortina (Sales Manager, Tadano Demag España) — Eduardo Laherrán (Owner, Gruas Valladolid) and Gemma De Arcos (Business Leader, Tadano Demag España)

The people at crane service provider Grúas Valladolid are well acquainted with the benefits Demag City cranes offer – after all, one Demag AC 30 City and two Demag AC 25 City units have been doing their work with rock-solid reliability for the company for many years now. “It was simply the time to add a new City crane from the latest generation to our fleet. And to be honest, we didn’t even seriously consider anything other than the Demag AC 45 City,” reports company owner José Laherrán Torre.

This should come as no surprise, since the AC 45 City has some unbeatable advantages as far as Grúas Valladolid is concerned: For starters, the significantly enhanced telescoping performance under load, as well as the improved runner performance characteristics. José Laherrán Torre also mentions the improved braking system and, of course, the innovative IC‑1 Plus control system, which enables crane operators to always use the maximum lifting capacity available under the given conditions.

Grúas Valladolid will be using the new Demag AC 45 City primarily for indoor projects for sectors such as the automotive industry, but also for construction site projects.

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