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MCM takes delivery of Demag CC 3800-1

Autaa Group General Manager Lionel Autaa is 100% convinced: “The CC 3800‑1 is the perfect crane for erecting wind turbines!” This is why the head of the Autaa Group, which includes MCM Levage as one of its companies, could barely wait to finally take delivery of the Demag CC 3800‑1. “Erecting wind turbines has always been an important business area for MCM, so when the company was acquired by the Autaa Group, it was only natural for it to also become more important for the group,” Lionel Autaa explains before pointing out that this is one of the reasons why they urgently needed the CC 3800‑1 for upcoming wind power projects.

“Demag offers an extraordinary range of cranes for erecting wind turbines, and all of them are easy to transport, fast to set up, and extremely versatile. That’s why our fleet has the right Demag CC crawler crane for every lifting height and every load weight,” Lionel Autaa emphasizes. The thing he especially values about the CC 3800‑1 is its versatility, which makes it possible to configure the crane optimally for all requirements, as well as the fact that an assist crane is not required in order to erect the main boom. The CC 3800‑1 is particularly unbeatable in its class when combined with the Boom Booster Kit, Autaa says: “That combination turns the CC 3800‑1 into a genuine wind turbine specialist that can reach a hook height of 174 meters and lift up to 80 tonnes at this height. This is something that normally only cranes in the 750‑tonne class can do.” This is why he does not find it the least bit surprising that the CC 3800‑1 enjoys enormous popularity in the wind power industry – especially when it comes to erecting large turbines.

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