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Maximum GmbH takes delivery of additional Demag AC 45 City

(Left to right) Demonstration & Handover Team Leader Sebastian Siener, Maximum Branch Manager Torsten Grimm, and crane operators Heiko Gerschewski and Marko Fricke

Nordhausen-based Maximum Kran- und Schwerlastlogistik took delivery of its second Demag® AC 45 City. The crane was part of a “bulk order” by the MAXIKraft Group, covering a total of four of these cranes for its subsidiaries Treffler and Maximum, who each received two units.

“We already had a Demag AC 40 City in our fleet and were always very happy with its performance and reliability. This is why we decided to acquire its successor, the AC 45 City, especially since it’s even better given all its enhancements, not to mention the fact that it has a huge amount of features that we found very compelling,” Torsten Grimm says when explaining the purchase decision. Among the crucial advantages behind the Demag AC 45 City, he points out the crane’s larger lifting capacity in comparison to its predecessor, as well as the intelligent IC‑1 Plus control system. Moreover, he was also impressed by the crane’s ability to telescope under load and by the Flex Base outrigger system, which makes it possible to extend the crane’s outriggers to any point within their range. This system is a major advantage at tight work sites in particular, as it enables the crane to extend its outriggers all the way to surrounding obstacles even when an asymmetrical configuration is required, which makes it possible to use the maximum possible lifting capacity in any situation.

Maximum will be using its new Demag AC 45 City primarily for industrial assembly and indoor projects, which is why it also ordered the optional runner. “When it comes to this type of job, our customers are explicitly asking for the AC 45 City more and more. That’s also one of the reasons why we decided on it,” points out Torsten Grimm, who also got to experience an additional AC 45 City accessory highlight in the form of the E-Pack during the handover: “I was really looking forward to this presentation. And I have to say that the E-Pack is an extremely compelling option. Quiet, zero-emission crane operation is definitely an advantage for many indoor projects.”

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