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New Demag AC 100-4L for Pompeano Antonio & Figli

Roberto Pompeano, Maria Pompeano, Domenico Pompeano

For Italian crane rental provider Pompeano Antonio & Figli, there is no other choice but Demag when it comes to the 100-tonne class – after all, that is the only way to explain why the company recently put its third crane of the corresponding model into operation with a brand new AC 100-4L.

Of course, there is also the fact that owners Domenico, Maria, and Roberto Pompeano are avowed Demag fans: Their fleet consists exclusively of cranes from this manufacturer in the lifting class range of 80 to 220 tonnes. “Since we urgently needed an additional crane for work at a refinery, we went right ahead and decided to order another AC 100-4L. And it was an obvious choice, as the AC 100-4L is the most compact crane of the 100-tonne class with its width of 2.55 meters, making it ideal for work in tight space conditions”, Domenico Pompeano explains his purchase decision. “On top of that, we’re very familiar with the AC 100-4L and know that we can always count on its powerful performance characteristics and reliability”, Maria and Roberto Pompeano add.

The crane was handed over to Domenico Pompeano by Demag Sales Manager Bruno Angaroni.

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