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Daru Unio puts Demag AC 45 City into operation

Hungarian crane service provider Daru Unio’s fleet has a large contingent of Demag machinery. More specifically, the Demag® AC 40 City, AC 80-2, AC 130-5, and AC 250-5 models have been hard at work for the company for a long time now. And in February an additional Demag reinforcement has been added in the form of a new AC 45 City: “We love our Demag cranes, and our extensive experience with them means that we’re able to take full advantage of their capabilities. That’s why the AC 45 City was the logical choice for us when it came to expanding our fleet,” explains Daru Unio co-proprietor Zsolt Csepregi.

The people at Daru Unio appreciate the extraordinary performance behind Demag cranes in particular, as well as their compact design. After all, these two characteristics have enabled the company to successfully tackle an extremely wide variety of jobs – an absolute necessity, as the company offers services that cover every single crane application. “Having said that, however, our focus is on indoor projects, and the Demag AC 45 City is simply the best machine out there for that specific type of job,” Zsolt Csepregi points out.”

AC 45 City Daru Unio
Left to right: Zsolt Csepregi (Daru Unio), Lajos Patko (Pannon-Technika), Andreas Schramm (Tadano Demag GmbH), and Kristian Körmendi (Daru Unio)

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