Training North America

EMEAR IC-1 training class

Our Mission

To offer our students the most complete crane training in our industry. 

To provide consistent, structured, and accurate world class training to our distributors, customers and team members.

To ensure globally, progressive learning and understanding of Demag mobile cranes to properly operate, maintain and troubleshoot our customers’ investment.


Commitment to Excellence

Demag Technical Training can provide results to your operators, technicians and all other service personnel.

The Technical Training Group in Wilmington, NC. USA offers the best training in the industry. Our instructors are competent in course building, instructing, manufacturing knowledge and crane service. Our instructors are well diverse in their crane knowledge.

From operation, troubleshooting and set up, our instructors can provide you with the complete knowledge for your safety and satisfaction. Our learning approach will guide your students through the needed skill sets for all brands to maximize your crane uptime.

Our Technical Training Group can provide the most comprehensive training session with final course results. You will be able to see your student’s skill sets and with our training programs, allow your students to learn new products with the same consistent training.

Safety, productivity, consistency, confidence and value increase with crane knowledge. Invest today for your future.


Developing new training possibilities to meet your demand

Demag E-Learning delivers a broad range of online training courses designed to help you build a more competent, qualified, and efficient workforce.

Imagine a training program that delivers powerful training right to your computer – the right content in the right context, comprehensive assessments, and the latest tools to measure performance. Our interface gives you more ways than ever to meet your industrial training needs.


Our courseware is proven by the industry. It is updated and reviewed regularly by content subject matter experts so you can rely on its accuracy and relevance.


Our training features 3D simulations, course narrations, a virtual guide, testing, and quizzes to promote learning retention and use on the job.


Our training concept is simple: We host it; you control it! Your employees take courses that are self-paced, guided, modular, and the right length to provide them with exactly the training they need.

Factory Courses

Demag offers a complete training package for Service Technicians and Operators

The factory courses offer in-depth instructional learning with hands on experience like no other. Your student will receive documentation and student course information that is clearly written and understandable. The hands on experience with simulators and work benches will reinforce the classroom study. The Demag training facility is a great place to send your student to further their knowledge. The facility will soon be expanding to continue to add to the Demag experience.

Course Offerings

Demag All Terrain Apprentice Course
Demag All Terrain Legacy IC-1 (Intercontrol/Digsy)
Demag All Terrain IC-1 (ACTIA)

Custom Onsite Training - Designed to meet your needs


We offer the most comprehensive and complete training at your location because the training content is customized to your immediate needs.

Our instructors and developers will bring a different type of training to your students. Allowing them to understand our products at a much easier and faster pace because the content will be based on your machines.

Training at your location can either be operator, maintenance and technical troubleshooting.


Machine specific
Operators: These courses will include proper set-up and safety, capacity charts, ground bearing charts, proper LMI operation and set- up, daily maintenance, and all other special features that an operator must know.

Technicians: These courses will include proper set-up and safety. Understanding all circuit and systems, LMI circuits, troubleshooting, and general maintenance.

Developement Time

Depending on the complexity of the machine, the number of the machines and whether it would be operator or technician training, the development time could be as many as 8-10 weeks. Once we have determined your needs and have looked at our schedule, we would be able to give you a better idea of the development time.

Training Cost

The cost of the course would be $1,100.00 a day plus all instructors’ travel expenses (airfare, lodging, meals and ground transportation). A better understanding of the training cost can be obtained once we have received your confirmation.


Once we have received your payment information (purchase order number or credit card) we will give you a better idea of the training cost and possible training dates.

Course Time

The course length will be determined by: type of course, complexity