Lattice boom crawler cranes

When the job demands something unusually big and powerful, consider a Demag crawler crane. They have more lifting capacities than other types of cranes – up to 3,200 t – and maintain excellent maneuverability under heavy load. Despite their size, Demag crawler cranes are easy to transport and, once at the jobsite, quickly rigged. Innovative solutions provide you with the right crane for every application.

No matter your lifting needs, Demag CC lattice boom crawler cranes are the perfect choice:

Built for power – designed with ingenuity
With lifting capacities ranging from 400 to 3,200 tonnes, Demag lattice boom crawler cranes cover an enormously wide spectrum of loads, all while combining this with an extremely cost-effective design. Accordingly, the entire model range – including the large all terrain cranes – features a shared counterweight. In other words, this counterweight can be exchanged between models, reducing storage and transportation costs.

Protection at Height
The fall protection system permanently mounted to the lattice boom sections is a reliable solution when standing on the section. Riggers can fasten the carabiners of their PPE to the cable to prevent them from hitting the ground in the event they fall. The system is foldable so it doesn't add any bulk for transportation. It is also quick to assemble or disassemble. This design is the reason why Demag received an ESTA Award when it first introduced the system.

When things get challenging: Special load calculations
Application Engineering is just as powerful as our CC cranes: Our team of engineers can assist you with calculations for special job site conditions where particular crane engineering know-how is necessary to perform the lift. Involving Application Engineering, customers will get the best solutions within what's possible with the crane.

Faithful to industry standards
Cost-effectiveness starts with planning. This is why we use industry-standard components from the moment we start engineering our CC cranes – to your advantage: This way, parts can be procured quickly and cost-effectively, and spare parts remain available for a long time.

Easy to transport
All Demag crawler cranes are designed to be quickly disassembled into components that can be easily transported. This also applies to the boom systems, which can be slid into each other for transportation so that multiple elements can be placed on a single truck, reducing transportation costs.